Empowering patient-
centered care

one story at a time.

We help patients record their life stories and deliver insights to caregivers and providers that allows them to provide amazing empathic care at scale.


EHRs re-imagined with
stories motivations patient voices

Toci’s app allows patients to share the information that truly matters to them—building trust and fostering meaningful connections with their providers.

We then distill this complex narrative with our AI pipeline to personalize the patient’s electronic health record in a way that is clinically useful and profoundly humane. 

Human empathy and storytelling at the center of medicine with AI assistance to amplify it.

Too often, patients leave their appointment wanting a more personal connection with their providers. Toci helps foster the personal connections that improve patient care and much more…

The typical route to know the story of patients in constrained healthcare settings:

Time limitations, lack of resources and other barriers tend to prevent care teams from gathering the best information to make high quality clinical decisions considering what matter most to each patient.

The route with TOCI:

Understanding the story of Every Single Patient

We’ve built an automated AI system that walks patients and providers through an enjoyable “life story” interview. Our pipeline then compresses that interview into a short text abstract and event features that can be easily verified by the patient and incorporated into the electronic medical records used by the provider.


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Regaining Time for Human Connection

Sadly the time available for physicians and patients to connect and share stories of life, health and illness is at a historical low. Medicine now require more powerful methods for achieving empathic and effective therapeutic relationships. That’s where TOCI steps in.


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Living & Breathing Patient -Centered EMRs

Patients’ lives change, things happen, priorities shift. Toci gives patients an active voce and dynamic control over their medical records by allowing them to weave in the stories and information that they consider essential for clinical teams to really know them and understand their needs during care.

Toci’s AI exponentially accelerates this process by promoting story collection and distillation with relevant informatuion that may not arise during quick consults, to allow for more comprehensive and effective medical care.


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